Celebration of Democracy. Why your Vote Matters

21 March 2023 | Posted In: News Our Projects Upcoming Events

Politicians, powered by their political machines are out promising us stuff if we vote for them. They know that every vote matters and with over 10% of the total vote across NSW, the Inner Sydney Region could be the region to change the game.

Conventional wisdom is that governments lose elections. After 12 years in government the Liberal-National Coalition like all long-term incumbent government is dealing with its own scandals and dysfunction – as Labor did at the end of its last 16 year reign in 2011. The Greens are fighting for to keep what they have (Newtown and Balmain, with Jamie Parker retiring) The Liberals Gabrielle Upton is also retiring from Vaucluse and the Independents are saying –Here we come- ready or not!

What we know is that to win government a party needs 47 seats in the Legislative Assembly (that’s where your local member fits in) and 22 seats in the Legislative Council or what is known as the Upper House or the House of Review. Everyone who thinks they know anything about government and voting patterns reckons that either Labor or the Liberal/Coalition government will win minority government. This is why the Inner Sydney Region matters.

In order for the Liberal/Coalition to win a majority they need to hold what they have and pick up an extra seat

For Labor to win majority government they will need to pick up an extra ten seats on top of what they have now. It’s a big ask.

In order for the Liberal/Coalition to win with minority government they can afford to lose four seats and possibly six seats if Independent Alex Greenwich (City of Sydney) and Greg Piper (Member for Lake Macquarie) supports them to form government.

In our region “The Teals” could be a problem for the Liberal Coalition, as happened Federally. These women candidates are campaigning hard in the eastern suburb electorates – once thought to be safe Liberal seats. If they do get elected they may help the Liberals’ get over the line- so long as the Liberals support their climate agenda.

Are you confused yet?  Don’t be. Just believe that your vote matters and we have been working hard to get responses to the issues of concern in our region to help inform voters.

Good luck and when you get a chance, pause and appreciate our democratic right to vote.

We appreciate the time and efforts of the many candidates who have responded to our questions and platform.