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Inner Sydney Voice Magazine runs a broad range of articles written by experts in their field. These articles cover a broad range of topics relevant to inner Sydney including housing, urban issues, civil society and human services. While sometimes we produce special issues, like the one on Redeveloping Public Housing or Making the NDIS work for everyone, there are also important standalone articles in other issues of the magazine relevant to that topic that are often forgotten about even though they are as relevant today as they were when they were published.

Below we have grouped articles together by topics and provide a research / reading list for those wishing to better understand some of the issues faced in inner Sydney.

We have provided a table of contents to the article categories below so you can get an overview and link to that category of articles. Where an article fits into more than one category, we put it in both categories.

Links to article categories

Housing Types and Issues

Public Housing

Planning and Built Environment Issues

Planning for People and Social Issues

Human Service Delivery

Civil Society Issues

Inner Sydney Voice – Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development

Links to Inner Sydney Voice Magazine Articles

Housing Types and Issues

Affordable Housing

Boarding Houses

Housing Affordability

Community Housing

Rental Housing

Social Housing

Social housing includes public, Aboriginal and community housing and not affordable housing – for this document we have not combined these categories. Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW provides the following Social housing definition: Rental housing provided by not-for-profit, non-government or government organisations to assist people who are unable to access suitable accommodation in the private rental market. Social housing includes public, Aboriginal and community housing, as well as other services and products

Public Housing

Public  Housing – History

Public Housing – Maintenance

Public Housing – Policy changes

Public Housing – Redevelopment

Millers Point


Planning and Built Environment Issues

Community Facilities

Crime Prevention through Design


Health and Wellbeing

High-rise Development


Planning in Inner Sydney

Property Development

Public Spaces


Tenure Mix – Social Mix


Universal Design

Universal Design: Creating inclusion for everyone – SPRING 2014

Planning for People and Social Issues

Community Development


Anti-Social Behaviour

Community Engagement

Disability Issues

Domestic Violence

Drugs and Alcohol

Health Services

Human Services

Mental Health

Multiculturalism & Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Communities

Tenant Participation

Human Service Delivery

Aged Services – My Aged care

Disability – National Disability Insurance Scheme

Disability Services

Mental Health Programs

NGO Services

Sector Support


Civil Society Issues

Civil Society Skills

Community Change Models



Planning Campaigns

Redfern Station


Inner Sydney Voice – Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development

Inner Sydney Voice (Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development)


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