Celebrating 40 years in video and print

With Regional Council holding its 40th AGM this year we are celebrating this event in both print and video. The Spring 2016 issue of Inner Sydney Voice has a number of articles about Inner Sydney Regional Council’s history and what we might bring from that history into the future. A video uses interviews and archival footage to also capture some of the Regional Council story.

Celebrating 40 years by video:

Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development – The first 40 Years

This video looks back on the formation of Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development (now known as Inner Sydney Voice) and explores the role it has played in creating stronger, more inclusive and just communities in the inner city.

This history is told through the use of archival footage and a series of discussions with founding members, staff and residents that helped shape its history.

The video includes interviews with Martine Brieger, Prof Andrew Jakubowicz, Charmaine Jones, Enis Jusufspahic, Ross Smith, Geoff Turnbull, Diane Whitworth, Faye Williams and Tom Zubrycki. It also includes footage from Tom Zubrycki’s documentary Waterloo, Eco Transit and video from Inner Sydney Voice’s archives.

Inner Sydney Voice acknowledges and thanks James Walker who conducted and filmed the interviews as well as produced and edited the video. James joins a long line of students who have come to Regional Council on student placement to learn about the inner city and made a valuable contribution to the organisation while doing so.

You can view this video, as well as a digitised recording from 1998 of the 20-year celebration of Inner Voice, on the Inner Sydney Voice YouTube Channel which can be found by an internet search or at Inner Sydney Voice (Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development Inc)

Celebrating 40 years in print – Spring 2016 Inner Sydney Voice

Below are the details of the articles you will find in the Spring 2016 Inner Sydney Voice celebrating our 40 years.

Celebrating 40 years – A Brief History of the Inner Sydney Regional Council – A lot has happened in 40 years but we thought it worthwhile to include a brief history covering how the organisation started and changed over time to become the organisation it is today.

Celebrating 40 years – The Regional Council as a social movement – Andrew Jakubowicz, who convened the meeting to set up the organisation, looks back to the time that gave rise to Regional Council and many other organisations.

Celebrating 40 years – Public participation – past present and future – Charmaine Jones reflects on the community empowerment experiment of the Australian Assistance Program and what we can learn to face the community building challenges for the future.

Celebrating 40 years – Community Development – Community Development has always been a central aspect of Regional Council. Faye Williams explains what she learnt about Community Development from working at Regional Council.

Celebrating 40 years of Information and Resources – The resource centre and magazine played an important community role. Martine Brieger reflects on her work experience, time as Inner Voice editor and as a board member.

Celebrating 40 years of Committee Members and Volunteers – Regional Council has always relied on volunteer committee members to represent the membership and to guide the organisation. Neil Stuart reflected on his involvement in Regional Council.

Inner Sydney Voice ongoing projects – Support for Aged and Disability Services – This is a brief overview of Inner Sydney Voice’s Sector Support & Development Project in Eastern Sydney which is undertaken by Enis Jusufspahic.

Inner Sydney Voice ongoing projects – Support for public and social housing tenants – This is a brief overview of Inner Sydney Voice’s Tenant Participation Resource Service (TPRS) project. This project is undertaken by David White and is funded by FACS Housing.

ISV has previously also published some articles relevent to our Celebrating 40 years including:

Community Development: Standing with dissent – Community Community Development means different things to different people. We asked Neil Stuart to reflect on his experience of community development over the last 50-60 years and how it has and hasn’t changed.

Celebrating 40 years from the Vault

From the Vault is a regular feature of ISV that draws articles from earlier Inner (Sydney) Voices that complement or contrast with what is happening now. You can have a look at these articles  www.innersydneyvoice.org.au/pub/category/from-the-vault/

Other items of interest

Of particular interest might be the 20th Anniversary of ISRCSD edition of Inner Voice which contains two pages about ISRCSD’s activities for each of its first 20 years – Issue 73 – Spring 1995 – Celebrating 20 years

Also available online are the early Inner Voice Indexes Inner Voice Index 1978-1998 and Inner Voice Index 1999-2005 (Issue 100) where you can see the issues that ISRCSD have dealt with over the years. In the office we hold a complete set of Inner Voice which can be accessed by arrangement.

Recent Back copies of Inner (Sydney) Voice can be found at www.innersydneyvoice.org.au/pub/past-editions/ .