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9 December 2020 | Posted In: Publications

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Save Radio Skid Row

Inner Sydney’s most radical radio station needs your support to stay on the airwaves.

NSW Budget falls short

While community housing advocates have welcomed the NSW Government’s Budget allocation of $812 million for social housing across the state, as Christopher Kelly reports, they say much more investment is needed.

Victoria’s ‘game changer’

Community leaders say the sector’s advocacy efforts were vital to securing the Andrews Government’s multi-billion-dollar social housing announcement. Luke Michael reports.

The transmission of disadvantage

New research finds Australian children from poor households are over three times more likely to suffer adult poverty. As Professor Roger Wilkins and Dr Esperanza Vera-Toscano discuss, the findings show that government policies should focus more on prevention.

Falling through the cracks

A landmark study into educational opportunity in Australia shows that disadvantaged children are being left behind. Author Sergio Macklin shares the reports findings.

Oslo: streets ahead

Putting people first makes cities work better for everyone. It is not an easy task but, as Terje Elvsaas reports, the Norwegian capital has shown that it is possible.

Amsterdam: deploying the doughnut

The Netherlands’ capital is using a revolutionary economic strategy to reach zero waste. Abi Malins investigates what this means.

An appetite for action

Despite the catastrophic damage caused by last summer’s bushfires, the Australian Government remains reluctant to tackle climate change. But, as new research reveals, Australians are increasingly seeking leadership. Christopher Kelly reports.

A law too far

One Nation’s Mark Latham recently proposed a new religious discrimination bill. As Liam Elphick and Alice Taylor report, in its bid to prohibit religious discrimination, the bill infringes on people’s rights.

Young, Indigenous, and forgotten

The first national study to explore what happens to Indigenous children when they leave care once they turn 18 has been conducted by Monash University. Philip Mendes, Jacinta Walsh, and Lena Turnbull share their findings.

William Cooper: Indigenous justice warrior*

Activist William Cooper led one of the earliest Aboriginal political organisations to fight discrimination and racism in Australia, writes Feiyi Zang.

Black stories through a white lens*

A new book shows how Australia’s mainstream media distorts the Aboriginal narrative.

Farewell to a Labor pioneer

Whether fighting for gender equality, employment rights or affirmative action, Susan Ryan was responsible for some of Labor’s greatest reforms. Rebecca Benson reports.

A fish on a bicycle

In September 1992, as part of a Senate series of occasional lectures, Susan Ryan delivered the following address.

The stuff of the apocalypse 

A year on from the Black Summer bushfires, Australians reflect on the country’s worst blazes in recorded history.

Stepping up to the climate emergency

As Tim Flannery writes, in the face of the Australian Government’s inaction on climate change we must look for leadership elsewhere.

*Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are warned this article contains an image of a deceased person