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15 December 2021 | Posted In: Publications

The summer 2022 issue of Inner Sydney Voice magazine is out now. If you would like to be sent a hard copy, email your details to Or you can read it here in flipbook format.



The regressive state

With Gladys gone, NSW has the most conservative premier since World War II. Christopher Kelly reports.

The queen of George Street

Clover Moore wins an historic fifth term as Sydney lord mayor. Political analyst Ben Raue crunches the inner-city numbers.

The Coalition’s copout

Scott Morrison made Australia even more of a climate pariah at the United Nations’ climate change conference in Glasgow. Sarah Hathway reports.

Towards net zero

As a new report reveals, offsetting carbon emissions will be an essential part of Australia’s quest for net zero.

Remembering the Golden Mile

With plans afoot to transform Oxford Street, Scott McKinnon traces the strip’s queer history.

A call for regulation

A new report reveals important new insights into how Australians access, consume and experience drugs today. Jake Kendall scours the document.

‘This hush-hush atmosphere has to end’

Advocates and policy experts speak out about illicit drug use.

Velo culture

For Dallas Rogers, cycling is about more than active travel — it’s the way he engages with the world.

Hear their voices

A Mission Australia survey reveals the unique experiences and challenges faced by young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Dominic Brookes reports.

The aerosol artist

While you may not recognise the name, you will no doubt be familiar with Scott Marsh’s controversial street art. Christopher Kelly reports.

The ghosts of Callan Park

The heritage-listed foreshore site was once home to a notorious asylum for the insane. Shana Chandra reports.

A man of the street

Social activist Lanz Priestley — who died in November — was a passionate crusader for Sydney’s homeless.

A battler for the environment

Hall Greenland pays tribute to an old comrade.

The Goward’s punch

In an article for the AFR, Pru Goward discussed her “lifelong fascination with the underclass”. Oh, do tell, Pru, writes Joel Jenkins.

The pronoun lowdown

By respecting someone’s pronouns, writes transgender rights activist Nevo Zisin, you’re validating their gender identity.

In the eye of the storm

2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the first Australian AIDS diagnosis. A new book explores the crucial role volunteers played at a time of disaster.