Inner Sydney Voice Winter 2020

23 June 2020 | Posted In: News Publications

The winter 2020 issue of Inner Sydney Voice magazine is out now. If you would like to be sent a hard copy, email your details to It’s also available in flipbook and PDF formats.



New planning proposals for Waterloo
Following extensive community and stakeholder consultation, plans for the redevelopment of the Waterloo Estate have been amended. Geoff Turnbull walks us through the new bid.

Falling through the net
COVID-19 has exposed the need for people to be guaranteed economic security should another disaster occur. As Christopher Kelly reports, perhaps now is the time Australia embraced a universal basic income.

Self-determination vital to beat coronavirus
Indigenous people are no strangers to disease. As Aileen Marwung Walsh and Laura Rademaker report, it is crucial that their authority is respected as they face this latest health threat.

Abused and isolated in lockdown
As Christopher Kelly reports, when Australians were instructed to stay in their homes victims of domestic violence suddenly found themselves trapped indoors with their abusers.

A housing strategy with community benefits
As a WA housing policy to combat the GFC showed, investing in social housing construction could be a key postpandemic economic strategy that would also benefit a great number of low-income Australians into the bargain.

Australia’s mental meltdown
Almost overnight, the coronavirus caused upheaval to our daily lives. As Christopher Kelly reports, as people began to feel imprisoned in their own homes, the mental health of many began to fray.

Mobilising the community during a crisis
As a paper developed by the Sydney Policy Lab explains, community action is fundamental to a successful move toward a post-COVID future.

Keeping older people cared for and connected
We hear that the future of aged care in Australia is in the home. But, as Tim Horton reports, that future is already here, in the form of the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

A journey through the valley
A project to help social-housing tenants in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley become resilient to emergencies has been beset by them. As Tracy Hamilton reports, first bushfires, then floods — now COVID-19.

Priced out of home
Community groups are advocating for the Waterloo redevelopment to include affordable housing for Aboriginal people. As Pam Jackson reports, without it, the population will be displaced, and the area’s ancestry destroyed.

Jack Mundey — the father of urban environmentalism
Union leader and environmental activist, Jack Mundey, passed away last month, aged 90. As Tina Perinotto reports, Mundey was a champion for the planet and for working-class communities.

The Kindness Pandemic
In March, a Facebook forum was established to help unite Australians whose lives had been impacted by COVID-19. As well as providing a platform for people to post words of support and encouragement, the forum also recorded the little acts of kindness that took place across Australian communities during lockdown.

Life under lockdown
In a new regular feature — Community Voices — we ask inner Sydney residents to share their thoughts on the big issue of the day. Here, five people talk about how they coped in iso.