Emergency handbook for social housing residents

17 December 2020 | Posted In: Publications

Emergencies happen at any time, and often when we least expect. Floods, storms, fires and heatwaves can damage your home and force you to leave for a period of time. Such events are disruptive, yet we can reduce the stress and hardship that follows by taking some simple steps now.

Knowing what emergencies could impact you, planning what you will do, getting your home ready, being aware of when something might happen, and looking out for each other are all important things to consider before an emergency happens.

This is your five-step guide to becoming ‘emergency prepared’. Use this handbook to learn more about how you can be better prepared today.

Email admin@innersydneyvoice to request a print copy of the handbook. Alternatively, it can be viewed in PDF and flipbook formats. This resource is also available for download on the City of Sydney’s website in seven community languages — Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Russian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Indonesian, Korean.