Information and Community Development Project

Inner Sydney Voice’s Information and Community Development program is funded by Family and Community Services, through its Community Builders Program. One of our main purposes is to provide information and promote community development.

Here is a brief overview of what we do:

Promote and assist the social development of the region by

  • holding meetings to address problems in the region;
  • advising government on the development of services in the region;
  • promoting co-operation between organisations and people;
  • carrying out research projects;
  • being involved in planning; and
  • working to integrate social, economic, political and cultural development.

Promote community development in the region by

  • assisting community organisations to function well;
  • promoting participation in social, community or economic issues;
  • forming working groups;
  • providing information, resources and advice; and
  • promoting and assisting education and training.


Interagencies have been part of the Australian community sector scene for many, many years. They operate slightly differently in different states and territories, but the basic idea remains the same.

Interagencies are made up of representatives of non-government organisations (NGOs) from a defined geographic area meeting together on a regular basis. Interagencies may be established for agencies providing services to a particular sector of the community, such as mental health, disabilities or young people, or they may be generalist interagencies meant for all NGOs in the particular locality

The main role of an interagency is to give NGOs the opportunity to exchange ideas and information about each others’ programs and services and to look at what is happening in their local area. Speakers are often invited to bring the group up to date with the latest developments and events in various areas and there are frequently interesting and informative discussions. Importantly community workers are able to network, to get to know each other and to support each other when things go wrong. Regional Council is involved in several interagencies in Inner and Eastern Sydney as part of its community development role.

Photo: Charmaine Jones, Executive Officer, providing training to community workers.

Inner Sydney Voice Magazine, our quarterly publication, is part of our information disemination programme and covers many community development issues as well as wider issues.

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