Hawkesbury Community Continuity Project

Inner Sydney Voice’s Get Ready For Flood Social Housing Sector Project identified the need for the community sector in the Hawkesbury LGA to strengthen disaster preparedness and be better integrated with local emergency management arrangements. The community sector have a long-standing presence within the community, established relationships with clients who are usually the residents who will need additional support in a disaster, and understand existing vulnerabilities and community needs.

The Hawkesbury Community Continuity Project will strengthen community resilience to future disasters in the Hawkesbury LGA. This project seeks to develop a scalable, replicable community continuity planning process and produce community continuity plans. This process will contribute to better articulating shared responsibility for strengthening disaster resilience in the Hawkesbury LGA.

This project is developing community continuity plans and resources with local people and their organisations in the Hawkesbury local government area of Sydney.

This Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund project is jointly funded by the Australian and NSW governments under Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements