City of Sydney and Eastern Sydney Abuse of Older People Collaborative

The City of Sydney and Eastern Sydney Abuse of Older People Collaborative aims to:

  • raise awareness of abuse of older people
  • strengthen collaboration and referral among service providers to identify, respond to, and prevent abuse
  • promote early intervention in situations of abuse or suspected abuse
  • provide peer support amongst members about dealing with abuse or suspected abuse

in the local government areas of City of Sydney, Woollahra, Waverley, Randwick, and Bayside.

The Collaborative’s members are service agencies and community representatives from the area.  These include aged care and health providers, local councils, legal agencies, and advocacy and advice services.

Chair of the Collaborative is the Eastern Sydney CHSP Sector Support and Development Officer, from Inner Sydney Voice.

Check out what our members have to say about the Collaborative, and read more about the Collaborative’s aims in the Terms of Reference.

If you are concerned about abuse or suspected abuse of an older person, please:

• contact the Ageing and Disability Abuse Helpline on  1800 628 221  (Monday – Friday 9-5), or

• visit the NSW Ageing and Disability Commission website.

The Ageing and Disability Commission has many resources providing information about abuse of older people, and help to assist you if you think someone may be abused.  This includes:

If you are concerned about abuse within residential aged care, contact the Serious Incident Response Scheme on 1800 081 549, or email at