Millers Point Public Housing Support Project

Inner Sydney Regional Council operated a brief project following the Millers Point sell off announcement in 2014. Below is a brief overview of what this project aimed to achieve.

The NSW Government announcement to sell off public housing, even that which is fit for purpose, in Millers Point, Dawes Point and The Rocks has created not only many issues for those who stand to lose their homes but also raised important concerns in inner?city public housing communities and the wider community services sector.

With the encouragement of other agencies, Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development (ISRCSD) has responded by employing Joel Pringle as a Senior Community Development Officer for an initial 6 weeks capacity building and scoping project in Millers Point. This appointment aims to compliment the legal work and community support that is already underway and to recommend what additional support or activities may be needed.

In the best Marg Barry tradition of ISRCSD, we are responding to an immediate community need. ISRCSD has underwritten a month’s pay to get this going but we need financial assistance from others who are also concerned about what has happened to make this work. This is an unfunded position and we are asking for your support either in terms of financial support towards Joel’s wages or your offer of time or expertise.
You can support financially by a donation to Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development at Bendigo Bank BSB?633 108 A/c No: 1353 98972. Please add Millers Point & your name to the deposit and to email your details to

You can contact Joel at or phone 0406 435 290 (preferably Tues, Thurs and Fridays) with any contacts or suggestions that you think could be of use to him in this project.

To discuss this project further contact Charmaine Jones or (02) 9698 7690

The Initial Project Detail is provided below:

In first instance we are seeking resources to employ a Part time Community Development worker, who has started at Millers Point working with the local groups and other relevant stakeholders including those who recently established Miller’s Point Community Defence Group.

The worker is employed initially for three days a week for six weeks:

  • To work with the existing residents groups, community structures and relevant NGO agencies to Map out current assets, needs and gaps for the Miller Point residents.
  • Identifying recommendation’s for positive action both for the short and long term during this transition
  • To assist and resource, to establish a coordination response to this announcement
  • To liaise with the peak NGOs in identifying support needs and assist in coordinating the delivery of support resources to the community.
  • Where possible and working with others, document independently the impact of this announcement and feed back to the wider LGA resident and NGO services with recommendations on how we should respond to this policy and announcement

If resource’s could be secured this position would remain in place as its required, and wanted, and if possible complemented by securing additional resources to establish community support services for individuals who may or not be part of the resident action groups, as well, if this is found to be required.

Please consider supporting this important project by donating money or time.

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