Waterloo capacity building

NSW Government plans to redevelop the Waterloo social housing estate. The redevelopment project, led by Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC), is the largest of the government’s Communities Plus program. This program replaces public housing across the state with higher density areas that mix private, social and affordable housing.

This means social housing tenants and private renters and owners will live side by side and the density of the area will increase greatly. Current social housing tenants will also need to relocate to accommodate the construction of new buildings.

Waterloo capacity building project

Waterloo’s independent capacity building project works with social housing tenants, local residents, and community and government workers. It supports residents so they can participate in urban and human service planning for the area. The project does this by providing knowledge, skills and resources to help community members advocate their own interests in government consultations.

Redevelopment update

At the end of 2018, LAHC completed community consultation related to its proposed changes to the planning controls for the area. The results of the consultation, together with 27 technical studies, will form the housing authority’s preferred masterplan for the redevelopment of Waterloo.

Once completed, this document will cover heights and floor space use, as well as the planning of open space and placement of shops and facilities. A later development approval process will decide what the buildings will actually look like.

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) is required to ensure that the plan meets all necessary requirements before it is adopted and construction can begin. To do this, the department will review the proposed plan and consider feedback from the community.

The full proposed plan for the redevelopment of Waterloo is likely to be available for public feedback in 2020, as part of a statutory exhibition period. However, you can view an overview of the masterplan now.

To learn more about concepts that inform this planning process, read our urban policy and resources.


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Waterloo capacity building worker


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