Capacity Building Project Waterloo

The Waterloo Community Capacity Building project led by Inner Sydney Voice aims at providing social housing tenants, local residents, community and government workers with resources, knowledge and concepts to engage successfully and productively in the Waterloo redevelopment consultation process led by Land & Housing Corporation (LAHC).

In other words, the aim of the project is to help the community by assisting with tools and resources that people feel they might need in order to participate efficiently in the elaboration of a long term urban planning and urban design vision for the area.

A report on the visioning phase of the consultation will soon be released by LAHC as part of Waterloo Master Planning process. Several options for the future Waterloo Master Plan will be discussed with residents in the coming months. The Capacity Building worker will support and resource residents during the elaboration of the Waterloo Master Plan.

You can contact the Capacity Building Project Worker for Waterloo on email at or by phone on (02) 9004 2449.

Resources produced by this project can also be found under the Resources tab – Resources from Waterloo community capacity building project

Inner Sydney Voice Magazine, our quarterly publication, covers many public housing, capacity and redevelopment issues as well as wider issues. In Winter 2017 we did a special issue of Inner Sydney Voice Magazine just on the proposed Waterloo Redevelopment, its origins and the issues the redevelopment raises. Copies of this issue were letter boxed to all tenants directly impacted by the proposal. You can read this issue by downloading the issue as a PDF from Winter 2017 – Redeveloping Waterloo Public Housing or you can read the articles from this issue on line.

Many other redevelopment and public housing issues have also been covered by our magazine, as well as questions related to urban planning and design.
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