Aboriginal Liaison Officer Waterloo

The Aboriginal Liaison Officer is one of three positions funded to provide assistance to tenants independently of Family and Community Servivces and the Land and Housing Corporation. The other two roles are the Capacity Building poisition operating out of Inner Sydney Voice and a Community Development Officer operating out of Counterpoint’s Factory Community Centre. There are also two casual bilingual workers who hold discussions with the Chineese and Russian communities.

The Aboriginal Liaison Officer works from the Inner Sydney Voice office behind the Waterloo LIbrary and attends activities with the local community, drop in sessions and one on one discussions about the issues of concern to the community especially relating to public housing and the proposed Waterloo redevelopment.

One of the areas of concern being worked on is appropriate affordable and social housing for the Aboriginal community.

Pam Jackson is the Aboriginal Liaison Officer for Waterloo and she can be contacted by email on alo@innersydneyvoice.org.au