Neil Stuart

Neil Stuart wrote the above article for ISV shortly before his death on May 26 2016

Vale Neil Stuart!

Neil Stuart served in both paid and non-paid positions within numerous community groups in the inner city, where he lived in the 1970s and early 1980s, including The Sydney University Settlement, South Sydney Youth Services (now WEAVE), Inner Sydney Tenants’ Advice and Referral Centre, Surry Hills Social Justice Coalition, South Sydney Community Aid and Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development (now Inner Sydney Voice).

About a decade ago Neil was a pivotal member of Friends of The Settlement who ensured that the community centre’s premises were not sold off as Edward Street Darlington gentrified. While all in the group devoted many, many hours to the campaign, Neil’s dedication led him to commute from his Katoomba home for over two hours each way to chair meetings. His knowledge from 23 years of teaching community welfare at TAFE and his natural attention to careful process helped to ensure The Settlement survived and set it on the way to its major renovations.

Michael Gravener, who was EO at The Settlement when Neil was Chairperson of the incoming board, said of him: “One of life’s pleasures is that you meet fine people along the way. Thanks Neil, rest in peace.”

Neil Stuart was one of five authors, (others being John Rule [also pictured above], Kate Nolan, Roy Bishop, and Gael Kennedy) who have this year had the book ANTHILL: a place of knowledge about community work and community management published by Borderlands Co-operative Ltd.

Neil also wrote Community Development: Standing with dissent for the Summer 2015/16 issue of Inner Sydney Voice, reflecting on his experience of community development over 50-60 years.

Adapted from South Sydney Herald Obituary in July 2016 – Vale Neil Lewis Stuart (16/1/1937 – 26/5/2016)