Waterloo Master Planning: The Latest News

12 February 2018 | Posted In: News

The Master Planning process for the redevelopment of Waterloo Estate and the ‘Metro Quarter’, the buildings above the site of the Metro on Cope St and Botany Road, is a lengthy process expected to take during 12 to 18 months.

The image below shows every stage of Waterloo Master Planning, as well as the phase we are currently in. The Waterloo Capacity Building project led by Inner Sydney Voice will independently support and resource residents during each step of the way until Land & Housing Corporation (LAHC) and Urban Growth (UG) lodge a Master Plan proposal with the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE).

Master Planning process and Options

What happened so far?

The first phase of community consultation, called ‘Visioning’, was delivered in October and November by KJA consultants for Land & Housing Corporation. This was a high level vision exercise aimed at gathering what people like and don’t like about the area, and what they would like to see in the future.

This part of the community consultation is now finished. A report written by KJA has been released in May 2018 by LAHC. It collates what was said during the workshops, the pop-up sessions and the community day on Waterloo Green. This report informs the general principles of the redevelopment, based on what the community had to say during the engagement process.

Where are we now?

The Master Planning team contracted by LAHC & UG has prepared different options that reflect diverse possibilities for the future Waterloo.

These options are informed by 2 separate streams:

–       The ‘Visioning’ phase of the community consultation mentioned earlier

–       The technical studies done by consultants as required by the planning process (Waterloo State Significant Precinct). These studies will be released under the form of ‘baseline summaries’ at the same time as the ‘Visioning’ report.

These options were released in August 2018. The Options show different possibilities for the area, along with an indicative staging proposal. They show which buildings will go where (community, retail, residential), how high they can be, where the open space and parks will be located, and where the construction work might start.

You can have a look at the Waterloo Options HERE

In October and November 2018, the government will start a new phase of community consultation around the Waterloo Master Plan called ‘Options Testing’.

Options Testing is about asking the Waterloo community what they like and don’t like about those different options, how the options can be improved, and determine what is the preferred final plan for current residents. It is not about choosing one option over another but rather having a discussion around what is important to residents, what can be traded off, what needs to be changed or fine tuned to create a preferred Master Plan that is acceptable to most community members.

This is a good opportunity to have your say about your preferred option for the future of Waterloo. We encourage everyone to participate and have their say about their favourite plan for the future neighbourhood.

More questions about the Waterloo Redevelopment Options? Get in touch with independent community workers at Inner Sydney Voice or drop by at Waterloo Connect, 95 Wellington St, to talk with Land & Housing Corporation representatives.