Select Committee on Social, Public and Affordable Housing

18 February 2014 | Posted In: #120 Autumn 2014, Housing Types and Issues, Parliamentary Process, Public Housing, Public Housing – Policy changes, | Author: Ross Smith

The NSW Upper House Inquiry into Social, Public and Affordable Housing will consider many of the issues in this edition of Inner Sydney Voice. While submissions formally cut off at end of February 2014, ISRC has been told submissions will still be considered after this date.


Below we have provided the relevant section of the Terms of Reference for the Inquiry setting out what is to be investigated.

1.That a Select Committee be established to inquire into and report on demand for social, public and affordable housing and in particular:

(a) projections of future social, public and affordable housing supply and demand to 2020

(b) data regarding the link between the lack of appropriate social, public and affordable housing in New South Wales

(c) housing design approaches and social service integration necessary to support tenant livelihoods and wellbeing,

(d) maintenance and capital improvement costs and delivery requirements,

(e) criteria for selecting and prioritising residential areas for affordable and social housing development,

(f) the role of residential parks,

(g) recommendations on state reform options that may increase social, public and affordable housing supply, improve social service integration and encourage more effective management of existing stock including, but not limited to:

(i) policy initiatives and legislative change

(ii) planning law changes and reform

(iii) social benefit bonds

(iv) market mechanism and incentives

(v) ongoing funding partnerships with the Federal Government such as the National Affordable Housing Agreement

(vi) ageing in place, and

(h) any other related matter.

2. That, in conducting the inquiry, the Committee note the recommendations of the 2013 report of the Audit Office of New South Wales entitled “Making the best use of Public Housing”.

Your submission should address some – or all – of the inquiry’s terms of reference. The term 1(h) – any other related matter – means that your submission does not have to exactly fit within any of the other terms of reference. Your submission may include facts, opinions, arguments or recommendations for action. The submission, once made public, is protected by parliamentary privilege. You will be able to read most submissions on line.

Submissions can be made in writing but video and audio are also acceptable. If you are making a submission on behalf of an organisation, please indicate who has authorised it, for example, the executive committee, president or chairperson. Ensure that your name, address and phone number are included with your submission and keep a copy of your submission.

You can write a brief letter or a substantial research paper. You can also attach appendices and other supporting documents. Submissions can be mailed or lodged online.

Full Terms of Reference and other information about the Inquiry can be found at To contact Committee Staff for assistance drafting or lodging a submission, phone (02) 9230 2111 or email

Ross Smith is a Waterloo Neighbourhood Advisory Board Representative.

Recently Ross has produced two articles for the South Sydney Herald but space prevented us from running material from these in ISV. Here are the links to these two articl;es which are also useful regarding the issues to be considered by the Housing Inquiry –  Inquiry into social, public and affordable housing and Public housing and you.

Also see the companion ISV article Audit report key for housing inquiry.

Originally published in Inner Sydney Voice Issue 119 Autumn 2014