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6 September 2016 | Posted In: #130 Spring 2016, Celebrating 40 years, Community Development, Community Engagement, Inner Sydney Voice – ISRCSD, Planning for People and Social Issues, Tenant Participation, | Author: David White

Inner Sydney Voice continues to play an important role in tenant participation through the Tenant Participation Resource Service (TPRS) project funded by FACS Housing.


The Tenant Participation Resource Services Program is a Families and Communities Services (FACS) initiative to provide social housing tenants with increased access to information, advice and opportunities to more actively participate in processes related to their housing, as well as to engage in their communities.

Tenant participation aims to build partnerships between tenants and social housing providers to:

  • Improve the skills, knowledge and ultimately the quality of life of social housing tenants
  • Support and strengthen communities
  • Improve the way social housing is delivered and managed
  • Enable tenants to participate in decision making processes
  • Create opportunities for tenants to be engaged in community activities

The program is funded by FACS and delivered by a number of NGOs across the state. In the Inner Sydney Region, it is the Central Sydney North Tenant Participation Resource Service (CSNTPRS) auspiced by Inner Sydney Voice, as an independent, not-for-profit organisation.

There are many advantages to Tenant Participation. When working well, tenant participation delivers clear benefits for tenants, staff and landlords alike.

The benefits of effective tenant participation for tenants include:

  • tenants using skills, experience and confidence acquired through TP activities to better their communities
  • tenants being better informed and knowledgeable about issues which effect their lives and tenancies and having a representative voice
  • ability to have input in to and influence over decision making processes
  • being more aware of the staff’s perspective
  • better understanding of FACS’ processes and policies
  • helping to remove mistrust between landlord and tenants
  • building mutual respect and understanding between tenants and staff
  • increased tenant satisfaction with their home and neighbourhood
  • opportunities to network with other tenants
  • the satisfaction of knowing they are making a useful contribution

Benefits for FACS include:

  • improved value for money
  • ability to identify client needs
  • ability to identify community needs
  • more effective and better targeted service delivery and better decision making

Who is the Central North TPRS service for?

This service is open to all social housing (Public, Community and Aboriginal Housing) tenants and social housing applicants who live in the following District/Team areas:

  • Sydney District – Waterloo, Redfern, Glebe, Camperdown, Marrickville, Leichhardt, Ashfield, Ultimo/Pyrmont
  • South East Sydney District – Millers Point, Woolloomooloo, Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Kings Cross
  • Northern Sydney District – Northern Suburbs, Northern Beaches

What does the Central Sydney North TPRS service do?

  • Support and Training – Provide support and training in tenant participation to tenants and tenant groups.
  • Resources – Provides resources to new and existing tenant groups.
  • Information – Provides information on Public, Community and Aboriginal Housing and other government and community services and issues.
  • Referral – Refers tenants and tenant groups to appropriate government and community-based services.
  • Advocacy – Advocates on behalf of groups of tenants regarding housing and other related concerns.
  • Support and resource local and area Tenant Groups and Tenant Participation activities including Neighbourhood Advisory Boards
  • Ensure local FACS Staff are made aware of Tenant issues
  • Ensure that Tenants have information about housing and local community issues
  • Help tenants to understand their rights and responsibilities
  • Aid in providing a forum for consultation between tenants and housing providers

If you would like to be involved in the betterment of your community or wish to have further information about the TPRS, please contact David White at Inner Sydney Voice on 02 9698 7461 or email  

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