Community forum on the Social Housing in NSW Discussion Paper

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Discussion paper for input and comment on

Social Housing in NSW

For Comment by 20 February 2015

Inner Sydney Regional Council will hold a community forum on the discussion paper to inform our response and assist tenants make a submission.

Wednesday 14 January 9:30 for 10:00 start till 14:30

in the Small Hall, Redfern Town Hall

Register your interest with Saskia on 9698 7690.

The Government Discussion Paper proposes reform around three pillars summarised below:

Pillar 1: A social housing system that provides opportunity and pathways for client independence.

Current social housing does not encourage or support greater social and economic independence. There is potential to provide pathways to successfully move people from social housing to the private rental market.

Pillar 2: A social housing system that is fair.

Social housing should target those who need it most. In a fair system, targeted assistance would be provided only when it is needed. Long-term assistance to people with short-term reduces the capacity to assist more people.

Pillar 3: A social housing system that is sustainable.

A social housing system that is sustainable provides appropriate housing assistance to vulnerable people now and into the future that meets people’s needs. The system also needs to be financially viable within the Government’s existing funding envelope.

Further Details:

For some analysis on the Discussion paper see Chris Martin’s Social Housing in NSW discussion paper… What is not up for discussion?