Inner Sydney Voice

First published in 1978 as Inner Voice by Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development the publication name changed to Inner Sydney Voice in 2005 for Issue 100. In 2016 Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development decided to also adopt the trading name Inner Sydney Voice.

Inner Sydney Voice Magazine is unique amongst community publications in the breadth of topics it covers, such as employment, the environment, transport, welfare, housing, politics and the community sector. Contributions are drawn from staff, local residents, community organisations and groups.

In order to reach a larger readership and provide more timely articles on social issues, news in the region and government policies in 2012 a website was developed for Inner Sydney Voice Magazine that complements the print edition. In 2018 a new website combined both the organisation and magazine websites into one Inner Sydney Voice website under A Magazine tab on the main website takes people to the magazine sub-site which can be directly accessed at

The magazine website allows access to PDF versions of the print editions as well as web versions of the print edition articles. Those looking for articles by topic can access articles across print editions through the article category tab.

Previous issues and Indexes to the first 100 editions can also be found on the website.[/box]

We also encourage contributions from anyone within the local community. Contributions can be articles, opinion pieces, letters, photographs, videos – you name it!

If you are interested in getting involved with Inner Sydney Voice, please contact Inner Sydney Voice on or 02 9698 7690.