Waterloo South planning proposal

20 October 2020 | Posted In: News

The City of Sydney has received a planning proposal for the redevelopment of the Waterloo estate (south). NSW Land and Housing Corporation has submitted technical studies, reports and supporting material for the proposal.

These studies consider a wide range of issues that affect Waterloo south. They have been prepared by consultancies with expertise in each area. These studies, along with others previously released, are available online while we assess the planning proposal. Access the technical studies and reports subheading for related documents.

Waterloo south population and demographic study (PDF 6MB)

This provides a profile of the Waterloo precinct today and presents forecast population and employment growth of Waterloo south.

Economic development, local retail and services study (PDF 9MB)

This study addresses the retail and local services needs and opportunities for Waterloo south. It considers that retail and non-retail should meet the diverse needs of local residents and workers. It also considers the mix of retail and services that could attract visitors from a wider area.

Waterloo south planning proposal transport study (PDF 10.2MB)

This study considers, public transport, active transport, parking, road networks and vehicle access. It finds that the overall transport network will cater to the needs of the area. This is based on the opening of a new metro station, transformation works on George Street and planned improvements to bus services and walking and cycling routes.

Waterloo climate change adaptation report and ecologically sustainable development study (PDF 4.5MB)

These documents detail how the Waterloo proposal may address the social, environmental and economic effects of climate change on the future community. They also detail issues on sustainable and resilient development.