Shout-out for Waterloo residents

23 September 2020 | Posted In: News

Counterpoint Community Services and Inner Sydney Voice are seeking interested and proactive social-housing residents who are eager to advocate on behalf of their community through the Waterloo Redevelopment Group (WRG) and the WRG Tenants-Only Subgroup.

The WRG is attended by relevant government agencies, non-government agencies, Waterloo tenant representatives and other interested parties. It meets the third Wednesday of every month to discuss all matters relating to the redevelopment process. The WRG provides an opportunity for residents to stay informed, seek information and to hold government to account.

The tenants-only subgroup meets the first Wednesday of the month to discuss redevelopment matters without
the presence of government agencies. This enables tenants to feel free to speak openly about the redevelopment and to cultivate a community voice. The tenants only subgroup is facilitated by Counterpoint Community Services and Inner Sydney Voice.

“It’s been five years since the government announced plans to redevelop the Waterloo social housing estate. During this time, there have been setbacks, delays, and poor engagement with the community. Understandably,
residents have grown tired,” said Counterpoint’s community development officer, Adam Antonelli. “However, it
is vital that residents continue advocating and having their voices heard by government so that the redevelopment can result in the best possible social outcomes for the Waterloo community. We urge residents to join the conversation, have their say and help shape the community’s future.”

Interested social-housing tenants can call Counterpoint Community Services on 9698 9569 or email Adam at