Launch of My Wellbeing Checklist social media videos

13 February 2023 | Posted In: News

Sri Garcia, member of Centre-based Respite at ECSC (left), and Robert Fitzgerald, NSW Ageing and Disability Commissioner.

On 6 February 2023, ISV was proud to host the launch of the My Wellbeing Checklist social media videos in Eastern Sydney, in Indonesian and Chinese.  The videos are part of a larger campaign to target culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities and raise awareness about Elder Abuse in culturally appropriate and sensitive ways.  As part of the launch, ISV is encouraging everyone to share them on social media, using the hashtag #MyWellnessMatters.







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Robert Fitzgerald, the NSW Ageing and Disability Commissioner, formally launched the videos at Kensington Park Community Centre in Kensington, to raise awareness about elder abuse in diverse communities as part of Seniors Week 2023.

The videos, funded by the Ageing and Disability Commission, are an initiative of the City of Sydney and Eastern Sydney Abuse of Older People Collaborative, which is chaired by the Inner Sydney Voice CHSP Sector Support and Development Officer.  Filmed in Indonesian and Cantonese, the videos showcase an easy to use self-assessment tool called the My Wellbeing Checklist, which was originally developed by the Ageing and Disability Commission in English.

The Collaborative wanted the videos to have a positive and personal appeal, so feature real local people speaking their own languages in real scenarios, where they become familiar with the Checklist. Individuals are encouraged to consult the Checklist and contact the Ageing and Disability Abuse Helpline in their language on 1800 628 221 for information and support.  The Checklist itself asks a series of non-threatening questions to spark awareness about an older person’s wellbeing – including financial and emotional safety – helping to identify if they are being cared for appropriately and where to seek help.

As a tribute to the partnerships fostered by the Collaborative and ISV, the videos are the result of work by a range of people and agencies in Eastern Sydney.  ANHF and Ethnic Community Services Co-operative, two culturally and linguistically diverse-focused aged care providers, generously translated the Checklist into Cantonese and Indonesian (with further technical assistance from City of Sydney), and also provided the on-screen subtitles for the videos.  Their social groups provide the setting for the videos, as well as the videos’ stars.  A group of Collaborative members and associates, comprising Inner Sydney Voice, City of Sydney, Justice Connect, Relationships Australia, Home Instead, Ethnic Community Services Co-operative, and ANHF, oversaw the filming, with the director, Michael Salmon, and the editor, Alana Greig, having close ties to the Collaborative.

The 6 February launch of the videos benefited from the generous support of Randwick Council, through provision of our venue Kensington Park Community Centre, and proceedings began with performances from the social groups who featured in the videos.  Along with the Ageing and Disability Commissioner, the leaders of organisations appearing in the videos also spoke:  Ada Cheng, CEO of ANHF, and Dina Petrakis, CEO of Ethnic Community Services Co-operative.  Local council was represented by Councillor Jo Jansyn from Bayside Council. And of course our great thanks to Inner Sydney Voice EO Marika Kontellis, who wrapped up proceedings.  Food provided by local Chinese and Indonesian restaurants rounded off the day.

Elder abuse is a serious concern for older people in the Eastern Sydney community.  The Survey of Older People (2020) indicated that 15% of people aged 65 and older from CALD backgrounds that live in the community had reported an experience of one of the five core subtypes of elder abuse in the 12 months prior to the survey. However, due to shame, stigma and language barriers, elder abuse may remain underreported in CALD communities.  The social media videos will be one more step towards the eventual elimination of abuse of older people.

Launch of the videos at Kensington Park Community Centre.

Performance by the ANHF Stanley Hunt Wellness Centre members.

Our VIPs, from left: Marika Kontellis, ISV EO; Rosy Walia, Multicultural Care CEO; Ada Cheng, ANHF CEO; Robert Fitzgerald, NSW Ageing and Disability Commissioner; Dina Petrakis, Ethnic Community Services Co-operative CEO; Councillor Jo Jansyn, Bayside Council.

Members of the ECSC Indonesian Centre-based Respite group with ISV’s Tim Horton, and the NSW Ageing and Disability Commissioner Robert Fitzgerald.

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