ISV survey

2 November 2021 | Posted In: News

2021 has been a rollercoaster year for many of us!

COVID-19 has significantly impacted the way communities function, and shaped how we live and work. It’s also shown great strengths in the community, yet also highlighted gaps in services and vulnerabilities. Inner Sydney Voice has responded by adapting the way it provides services to the community, and how it operates.

Now, we are interested in your views about the future role of ISV, and how the organisation can build on its strong and historic reputation in strengthening the voice of communities to address local issues.

Further, limited funding sources continue to challenge the ability of community organisations to meet the changing nature of community needs. ISV is commencing a strategic conversation on how to best meet the needs of the community and how to promote community resilience, especially in the post COVID-19 world as we prepare for the ‘new normal’.

We are asking for feedback on the continued relevance of the vision, purpose, and objectives of ISV — and the effectiveness of how we are meeting them or not. We encourage you to share your views on how services provided to the community by ISV can be sustained, and how the organisation is best positioned going forward.

We thank you for your time and appreciate your input. Access the survey here.