Inner Sydney Voice magazine

3 June 2020 | Posted In: News

The last issue of Inner Sydney Voice (ISV) magazine appeared in spring 2018. Nineteen months on, and ISV will soon be in your hands and on your screens once again. In the winter 2020 issue: we walk you through the new planning proposals for the Waterloo Estate; argue the merits of a universal basic income; pay respects to unionist and environmental activist Jack Mundey; and advocate for affordable housing for Aboriginal people.

And — as we begin to emerge from our homes after three months of self-isolating — we take a look at some of the fallout of lockdown. We examine the effect it has had on people’s mental health; we report on the dramatic spike in domestic violence cases; we shine a spotlight on the little acts of kindness that have taken place across Australia as communities came together; inner-Sydney residents talk about how they’ve coped in iso; and we examine why social action is fundamental to a successful move toward a post-COVID future. Plus, author Malorie Blackman discusses what the crisis has revealed about us — and what kind of world we might hope for when we come through the other side.

That, and much more besides, in the winter issue of ISV — out soon!