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11 March 2021 | Posted In: News

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Gentrification by stealth 

Glebe is the latest inner-city suburb to become victim of a LAHC land grab. Christopher Kelly reports.

‘Staggeringly high’ levels of stress among LGBTQA+ youth

A new survey from La Trobe University shows that queerphobia has not been relegated to a by-gone age. Rebecca Benson reports.

Save the facts

Social media provides an unparalleled environment for the spreading and proliferation of disinformation. Although governments have begun to wake up to the need to regulate digital platforms as Kathalijne Buitenweg and Richard Wouters discuss —  they must adopt a more assertive approach if they are to hold the major players to account.

Care in crisis

The COVID pandemic has revealed the importance of adequate social protection and its role in safeguarding the wellbeing and security of our families, communities and economy.

Egalitarianism set in concrete

When the NSW government put Sirius up for sale, it signalled the end for one of Australia’s greatest public housing projects. Christopher Kelly reports.

A history of public housing 

After every major war and depression there has been a push worldwide to address the resulting housing crisis. Unfortunately — as Tone Wheeler chronicles — Australia has missed, or misused, every opportunity.

Sydney’s seven deadly sins

In her new book, Elizabeth Farrelly offers a warning: little by little, our politics is being debased and our environment degraded. The tipping point is close. Can the home we love survive?

A flawed system

As the royal commission report into aged care reveals, the sector is severely underfunded. As a consequence, write Stephen Duckett and Anika Stobart, many older Australians don’t have the support they need.

The road to reconciliation

The 2021 reconciliation report examines the progress we have made so far, while pointing the way forward toward unity.

Learning from emergency measures 

When the pandemic hit this time last year, it set in motion a response to homelessness that would normally have been considered impossible.

Giving streeties a voice

Whether calling for greater investment in crisis accommodation or helping young people break the cycle of sleeping rough, AJ was a committed champion for Sydney’s homeless. Jake Kendall reports.

Caving in to moral panic

Fear of punishment prevents people experiencing drug problems from seeking help. Removing the stigma of criminality, argues Will Tregoning, opens up a space for a rational drugs policy.

Why I was gutted when Australia applauded the anthem

The move to change one word of the national anthem was hailed as an important step toward reconciliation. But, as Gamilaroi man Luke Pearson writes, the change reconciles nothing.

‘If you don’t try to find me, I won’t report you to the police’

By compiling stories of real cases, the Department of Communities and Justice shines a light on what contemporary child protection practice is truly like. Here, three clients share their experiences.