e-News 2nd July 2014

3 July 2014

In this issue:

* Harwood Institute for Public Innovation coming to Australia

* Shelter NSW Presentation: ‘The role of social enterprise and investment to increase supply of affordable housing and provision of housing services’

* NAIDOC Week Celebrations – Serving Country: Centenary and Beyond

* Mental Health Month NSW Small Grants Program 2014

* Redfern Legal Centre Training workshops: Dealing with Fines and State Debt

* Commonwealth DSS Grants Program

* Regional Priorities for the NGO and NFP Sector workshop

* Depression Seminar

* Women: Choice and Change  DV Course

* NSW Police new initiative to assist vision impaired members of the community

* Quote of the week                                                                                                                                                    

Harwood Institute for Public Innovation coming to Australia

Harwood Institute for Public Innovation coming to Australia through LCSA, Community Centres SA and United Way in October.

Townhall – share your aspirations for your community is a simple, powerful initiative from The Harwood Institute.

Over the last twelve months LCSA have been researching tools and partners which will enable neighbourhood and community centres to function well and with integrity to their roots, values and purpose in the radically changing social, political and economic contexts in which we are now functioning. As a result they are pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership with The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, Community Centres SA and United Way Australia to establish the first ever Public Innovators Lab to be held in Australia. It will be in Sydney on 27th – 29th October.  Participation in this training will not be just the three day Lab as the Harwood team will provide backup support through a series of six webinars, monthly coaching calls, Innovation Spaces and license to use the Institute’s frameworks and tools with their staff, partners and community.

Participation in this initial Lab will be limited to 100. The hope is that at least five LCSA member neighbourhood centres from each NSW FACS region will be represented at this first Lab and LCSA shall be working through their regional representatives and regional meetings to identify and encourage these participants. United Way and Community Centres SA will also be providing some participants and there will be strong interest from FACS staff in some regions and also from corporate partners so LCSA are very keen to give LCSA members first opportunity to take part in this initiative.

Many organisations who are working in collective impact initiatives in the USA are looking to The Harwood Institute for training in effective community engagement and understanding. Brian Smith, LCSA Executive Officer, had the opportunity to attend the Lab held at the United Way Worldwide headquarters in Alexandria last December and could see its value for LCSA members at this scary point of both opportunity and disruptive change in our history.

This process will not be cheap. Indicative costs which cover both the initial Lab and the subsequent training are $4,950 per participant. As LCSA members know, their approach has always been that lack of money should never be a barrier to participation so we are seeking support and sponsorship from a number of sources to help reduce the costs to participants.

The Lab is an integral part of LCSA’s strategy to position it’s members within the FACS reform processes which were presented at last year’s LCSA conference. To date the strategy has seen the rollover of Community Builders Renewable funding both for renewable and fixed term elements. This gives us as a sector a window of opportunity to be proactive in the reform conversation which was promised by FACS at the 2013 conference.  LCSA’s Program Level Agreement will give it a significant role in leading this conversation.

The next two years will be critical for the future of our sector and LCSA believe participating centres will find $4,950 is a small investment to make for an opportunity to shape future directions in a very positive way.  It is our intention to run other Labs in the future, so those who do not participate this time will have other opportunities.

LCSA members who are interested in participating in this training can express interest by emailing Brian through this link. This does not commit you to participating but ensures you will be kept up to date with information.

LCSA will provide new RSS feeds on a regular basis. They are always available on their front page the day this alert email is sent. If you miss one and want to follow it up go to their Facebook page or Twitter feed @LCSANSW.

 Shelter NSW Presentation: ‘The role of social enterprise and investment to increase supply of affordable housing and provision of housing services’

‘The Potential Role of Social enterprises, philanthropy and social bonds to increase supply of affordable housing and provision of housing services’ is a presentation by consultant Carrie Hamilton on an issues paper prepared for Shelter NSW, with opportunity for questions and discussion.

It’s on Monday July 28, 10:00 am – 11:30 am, in Training Room 1, ground floor, Labor Council of NSW building, 377-383 Sussex Street, Haymarket, Sydney.

The paper is online at www.shelternsw.org.au (download 800 kb PDF file). Registration is free; numbers are limited; online registration at www.trybooking.com/92929

 NAIDOC Week Celebrations – Serving Country: Centenary and Beyond

This year’s NAIDOC theme honours all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women who have fought in defence of country.

From our warriors in the Frontier Wars to our warriors who have served with honour and pride in Australia’s military conflicts and engagements across the globe.

We proudly highlight and recognise the role they have played in shaping our identity and pause to reflect on their sacrifice. We celebrate and honour their priceless contribution to our nation.

NAIDOC week is celebrated on the first full week of July each year and runs this year from the 6th -13th July. Activities and celebrations will take place across the country and more information about specific events can be found at www.naidoc.org.au or local government websites.

Some of the activities happening in this region are:

Sunday 6 – Indigenous Community Links Football Cup – Yarra Oval
Sunday 6 –   Black Markets  NAIDOC  special – Bare Island
Monday 7 – Morning Tea  La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council
Monday 7 – NAIDOC in Hyde Park – City of Sydney  11am – 3 pm
Tuesday 8 – NCIE Elders Lunch
Tuesday 8  – Guriwal Elders lunch
Thursday 10 – Prince of Wales Hospital NAIDOC lunch 11am – 2pm
Thursday 10 – Centrelink NAIDOC (tbc)
Thursday 10 – NAIDOC Café  Anglicare/Phams  St Johns Church  Maroubra
Friday 11 – La Perouse Youth Haven Bummers Disco – Yarra Bay House
Saturday 12 – Walla Mulla Family Fun Day NAIDOC Wooloomooloo

 Mental Health Month NSW Small Grants Program 2014

Each year the Mental Health Association NSW offers a number of small grants to assist the staging of mental health promotion activities or event during Mental Health Month. This year’s theme is ‘Be YOUnique!’

What grants are available?

• 5 grants of $1000 and 20 grants of $500 for projects focusing on any sector of the community.
• 2 grants of $1000 and 6 grants of $500 for projects focusing specifically on Indigenous communities.
• 1 grants of $1000 and 5 grants of $500 for projects focusing specifically on Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.
• 4 grants of $1000 and 2 grants of $500 for projects focusing specifically on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) communities. These grants are sponsored by ACON.


• Organisations must have an ABN or be supported by an organisation with an ABN, and be undertaking the project in NSW.
• All applications must include bank details. Applications that do not follow these criteria may be excluded.
• The planned activity must occur during Mental Health Month in October, promote positive mental health in the community and tie in with the theme for Mental Health Month 2014.
• Funds are not available for the self-promotion of for-profit organisations.

 What do the judges look for?

Judges welcome applications that are particularly creative, innovative and ties well with the theme. The judges also look for applications that are put forward by organisations that have not received small grant funding in recent years. Judges also look for projects that work as partnerships between organisations, particularly partnerships between mental health organisations and non-mental health organisations.

Visit the Mental Health Association NSW website to see the download the application form and to have a look at the projects that previously received grants.

You can apply for a small grant by emailing your completed application form to grants@mentalhealth.asn.au by 5pm Friday 18 July 2014.

Redfern Legal Centre Training workshops: Dealing with Fines and State Debt

If your clients have unpaid fines, you may be interested in Redfern Legal Centre’s free training for NSW community workers:

  • The State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO);
  • Helping clients negotiate time to pay;
  • Installments;
  • Work and Development Orders.

You can attend in person at Redfern, or online at work (or at home, or even at your favourite coffee shop with wi-fi!).

Fines workshop – at Redfern (face-to-face): 

9.30am – 11.30am Wednesday 30 July.

At the wheelchair-accessible Redfern Town Hall, 5 minutes’ walk from Redfern Station, and 10 minutes’ walk from Central Station.

Fines webinar (online):

10.00am – 11.00am Thursday 4 September 2014.

Webinars (online training seminars) are accessible across NSW –  a bit like Skype, except you see us, but we don’t see you! It’s easy on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android phone or tablet.

Book online now! at www.rlc.org.au/community-workers/legal-training-resources

Presented by Will Dwyer, Solicitor at Redfern Legal Centre – an independent community legal centre assisting disadvantaged people and providing community legal education.

Commonwealth DSS Grant Program

The Department of Social Services (DSS) new grant arrangements bring together 18 programmes from five former departments into seven streamlined programmes to align social policy functions that span people’s entire lives

The new programs include grants for aged care improvement, healthy ageing, settlement services, homelessness, multicultural arts & festivals. See:



Applications close July 23 2014.

Regional Priorities for the NGO and NFP Sector workshop

Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development will be holding a sector planning workshop for NGOs in the Inner Sydney, Inner West and Eastern Suburbs (FACS Sydney and South East Sydney districts) on Wednesday August 27th 2014 from 9.30am – 1pm.

Discussion will focus on regional priorities for the sector, both from a FACS perspective and from individual organisations. If, as a region, we can align certain priorities within our organisations, this will make it easier for collaborative work to take place and allow for some gaps analysis as well.

The venue is yet to be confirmed, but if you are interested in attending please send an email to Char Jones on char.jones@innersydneyrcsd.org.au and further information will be sent within the next week or two.

 Depression Seminar

Let’s Talk about Depression Seminar will be held on Saturday 19 July from 11am to 3pm at Randwick Town Hall,  90 Avoca Street, Randwick.

This free informative seminar is for people supporting someone who may be experiencing depression. Facilitated by Lisa Liber from Carers NSW and a guest speaker will share their lived experience with depression.

The seminar will explore:

  • recognising the signs and symptoms of depression
  • how we can help someone who is feeling depressed
  • the impact of depression on friends and family
  • what it means to be a carer of someone with a mental illness
  • what are some of the treatment options.

The session is designed for carers and supporters of people with depression. Refreshments provided. Bookings required on 1800 242 636 or by emailing lisal@carersnsw.org.au.

 Women: Choice and Change DV course

This is an 8 week course for women who have experienced domestic violence. The course will be running on Monday evenings at Sydney City Family Relationship Centre starting 21st July.

The course offers women a chance to meet with others who have had similar experiences, to talk through their concerns and look at positive choices for the future.

Women: Choice and Change supports women to build self-esteem skills, community connections and take responsibility for their own lives and those of their children.

There are still spaces available and bookings need to be made by July 10th. For enquiries and bookings please call 8235 1500.

Relationships Australia regards safety for women and children as a priority for women who attend this course.

NSW Police new initiative to assist vision impaired members of the community

Police have introduced new processes to assist members of the community who are blind or vision impaired in communicating with emergency services.
Concerns had been raised that people who are blind or vision impaired may not have been able to confirm a person attending their premises is a police officer, possibly placing them in danger.
The NSW Police Force has therefore introduced a new process to help people confirm that they are talking to a police officer.
If someone claiming to be a police officer attends a blind or vision impaired person’s home, they can confirm the officer’s identity by:
* Asking the officer for their Name, Rank, Registered Number and CAD Reference Number;
* Contacting the Police Assistance Line (131 444);
* Advising the call taker that they are blind/vision impaired and need to identify an attending officer;
* Providing the call taker with the officer’s details, CAD Reference Number and their location;
* The call taker will then confirm the details of the police officer.
NSW Police Corporate Sponsor for Vulnerable Communities, Assistant Commissioner Denis Clifford, said the initiative aims to provide peace of mind to people when they are visited by police.
“Ordinarily, when police attend someone’s home, they can show their badge and identification, however, this process is not sufficient for the blind or vision impaired,” Assistant Commissioner Clifford said. “This initiative allows them to verify the officer’s identity and be comfortable they are not putting themselves at risk to fraudulent activities or even harm.

Quote of the Week

We apologise for the laws and policies of successive parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on these our fellow Australians. We apologise especially for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, their communities and their country.

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