Council and LAHC present

8 July 2020 | Posted In: News

Both Council and Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) staff have agreed to present at the REDWatch meeting this Thursday 9 July at 6pm. The presentations will deal with both LAHC proposals for Redfern and Waterloo:

• Elizabeth Street — what has been approved for community consultation. LAHC’s submitted proposal for the PCYC and its surrounds was reworked by Council staff in their proposal for what should happen on this site. In the revised proposal, LAHC is designated similar floor space and height, but the Council planning proposal is highly prescriptive. It includes both an option for retaining the PCYC on site and for what happens if LAHC provides space for the PCYC or similar community facilities nearby in Waterloo. The LAHC proposal and studies are referenced but are not available until formal exhibition later this year. Some final amendments were made to the Council proposal when it went through Council. Details here.

• Waterloo South — background to the current planning proposal request. In response to community requests, Council has released the site plan for Waterloo South so that the community can more easily understand the proposal. The map provides the location of the nine tower buildings of between 20 and 32 storeys — three buildings of 15 storeys and other buildings up to eight storeys, as well as the location of parks and streets. The plan is subject to change as Council assesses the material provided and prepares its own proposal for consideration. LAHC’s own proposal and supporting reports have not been released.

To accommodate public housing tenants who are unable to participate via Zoom, REDWatch is running this special meeting as a hybrid. Those who can join via Zoom should do so via this link. Meeting ID: 848 3481 9983; password: 732248. Alternatively, you can join by phone: (02) 8015 6011.

If you cannot participate via Zoom, then you can book to join the meeting at The Factory. Everyone who wants to attend is encouraged to prebook as there are only a limited number of spaces: or Otherwise phone (02) 9698 9569, or ask in person at The Factory to be added to the list of attendees.

Social distancing will be strictly practiced. If you are unwell on the night, you are asked not to attend.