Support social housing

16 July 2020 | Posted In: News

Sydney Alliance is encouraging citizens to respond to the Housing Strategy for NSW Discussion Paper. The paper is the first step in creating a unified, 20-year strategy for housing across the state, and it is now open for submissions. It is important that active citizens make a submission and continue to advocate for affordable and social housing in NSW. Short but specific submissions are extremely helpful; personal submissions even more so.

What really makes an impact are:

• Your stories.

• Your genuine insights as a local resident.

• Reiterating the focus on targets for affordable and social housing in your own words.

If you can craft a submission that draws on your experience of the area, and your understanding of its housing issues and needs, Sydney Alliance will be able to make a real impact by the time submissions close on July 24th.

Making a submission:

• The easiest method is to send your comments straight to the Department of Planning via this online survey before next Friday July 24th — make sure to provide clear, action-oriented criticisms with relevant personal examples. This will make the greatest impact on the people reviewing the submissions.

• If you have a bit more time, feel free to draft your own response and submit via the online portal, or by sending a copy to before July 24th.

Make sure you include:

• Context — who are you? Why are you passionate about affordable housing?

• Your support for a high level of affordable housing in any new projects in your area (if you can, be specific — where are the new developments? Why should they include affordable housing?)

• The specific parts of the Housing Strategy that you would like to criticise or support, why, and any alternative suggestions you can make.

• Wrap-up by reiterating your overall position and emphasising key points.

Once done, email so that Sydney Alliance know you’ve made a submission.

This is an opportunity for people to make a real impact on the future of affordable and social housing in NSW. Please take the time to make a submission if you can.