Strategic Plan

In 2019, Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development trading as Inner Sydney Voice developed its strategic plan for the next three years. Below we have provided an outline of that plan.

Our Vision:  An equal say.  A fairer world.

Our Purpose:  Inner Sydney Voice is a not-for-profit organisation that empowers people to have an equal say in the big-picture decisions that affect people’s lives and communities.

We do this by:

  • Urging decision-makers to listen to all voices, not only the most dominant ones
  • Working with stakeholders to create genuine opportunities for people to have input, especially people who are disempowered
  • Enabling people to engage effectively in consultation, planning and decision-making
  • Strengthening the capacity of organisations that pursue related goals

Values:  Our work is driven by our core values:

  • Participation – everyone has the right to participate in decisions that affect their lives
  • Diversity – diverse backgrounds, cultures, strengths and perspectives are valuable social assets
  • Empowerment – when all people are equally empowered to participate, it leads to fairer outcomes
  • Fairness – fairer societies are happier, healthier, safer and stronger

Strategic Areas & Goals

To achieve our Purpose and Vision, we need to be successful in five Strategic Areas.

Our Strategic Plan identifies the Goals that will contribute to our success in the five Strategic Areas over the next three years.

Strategic Area How we describe success in this Strategic Area Three-year Goals
1.       Community Enhanced community development, engagement and participation We will develop and expand projects which fit with our Vision, Purpose and Values.  Our priority focus will be empowering disadvantaged communities.  We will develop new ways to measure how well we are doing this and what difference our work has made to people and communities.
2.       External Relationships Successful relationships with partner organisations and the wider community We will develop and strengthen partnerships that support our work.  We will enhance the ways in which we communicate and connect with people outside the organisation.  We will update our membership program, looking at how we can best offer value to different types of members.  We will continue to evolve the ISV Magazine with the overall aim of delivering relevant information to the community in accessible formats.
3.       People A skilled, cohesive and enabled staff team We will ensure we have the right organisational structure to support our short and longer-term goals.  We will identify the skills we are likely to need in the future and plan how these will be developed within our staff team over time. We will strengthen our internal communication systems and teamwork.
4.       Resources A well-resourced, viable organisation We will strengthen our ability to successfully tap into new funding and business opportunities, including generating income that is separate from government funding to give us greater flexibility and financial security.  We will develop a new Information Technology (IT) Plan which will be the roadmap for the future development of our IT systems.
5.       Governance Effective governing body and governance systems Each year the Board will evaluate how well the Board has performed and what new skills are needed on the Board.  The Board will review ISV’s Constitution with the aim of bringing the Constitution up to date and make recommendations to the members.  The Board will make sure the Strategic Plan is on track.